Based on the disturbed scribblings of E. T.A. Hoffmann
Music by Richard Oberacker
Book and Lyrics by Robert Taylor and Richard Oberacker
Drawn from the more nightmarish fantasy of E.T.A. Hoffmann, author of "The Nutcracker", comes a new and darkly comic musical tale - THE SANDMAN.  When Maria, the wife of an ingenious German clockmaker named Albert Strauss engages a new nanny, Fraulein Kaeseschweiss, to care for the two children, Nathaniel and Theresa, a series of bizarre and unnatural events begins to unfold.  As Theresa falls mysteriously ill, a flamboyant and unconventional physician, Dr. Copelius, is summoned upon the nanny's recommendation.    The doctor comes with a young ward in tow, Clara Stahlbaum, recently orphaned after her entire family was incinerated in an inexplicable Christmas tree fire.  And as the Strauss family is thrust ever deeper into chaos, the sinister and Machiavellian forces at play are gradually revealed - forces from which only the children may be able to save them.


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1. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN – Fraulein Kaeseschweiss, Maria, Nathaniel, Theresa, Albert

Demo Recording Cast

Fraulein Kaeseschweiss – Mary Testa
Doctor Copelius – Patrick Page
Albert Strauss – Robert Creighton
Maria Strauss – Kelly McCormick
Nathaniel Strauss – Matthew Schechter
Theresa Strauss – Kelsey Fowler
Clara Stahlbaum – Rozi Baker

Piano – Paul Staroba

Musical Direction by David Kreppel
Engineered and Mastered by Nick Miller
Recorded at MSR Studios, NYC
Logo art - by Brien McCrea

Site by Ardent Creative

2. INTO THE BEDROOM – Theresa, Fraulein Kaeseschweiss, Nathaniel
3. HE KNOWS WHEN YOU ARE SLEEPING – Fraulein Kaeseschweiss, Theresa, Nathaniel
4. BALLET IN THE ATTIC – Albert, Fraulein Kaeseschweiss, Theresa, Maria, Nathaniel
5. IN NO TIME, PT. 1 – Fraulein Kaeseschweiss
7. IN NO TIME, PT. 2 – Fraulein Kaeseschweiss
8. VISIT FROM THIS DOCTOR – Fraulein Kaeseschweiss
9. NOT A THING TO FEAR – Doctor Copelius
10. WHAT TO DO – Fraulein Kaeseschweiss, Theresa, Nathaneil
11. THE NUTCRACKER – Albert, Doctor Copelius
12. YOU'RE A GENIUS / OH, THE POSSIBILITIES – Fraulein Kaeseschweiss, Doctor Copelius, Albert
13. THE CONTRACT – Fraulein Kaeseschweiss
14. CONTROL – Fraulein Kaeseschweiss
15. STAY HERE – Nathaniel, Maria, Doctor Copelius, Clara, Fraulein Kaeseschweiss
16. CLARA'S THANK YOU – Clara, Nathaniel
17. JUST ONCE – Nathaniel, Theresa
18. THE LESSON OF THE DAY – Fraulein Kaeseschweiss, Nathaniel, Clara
19. TRICKY LITTLE – Doctor Copelius
20. OPEN YOU UP – Doctor Copelius
21. AH, THE PITFALLS – Maria
22. MY HERO IS MY FRIEND – Clara, Nathaniel
23. TO GERMAN INGENUITY – Doctor Copelius, Fraulein Kaeseschweiss
24. FINALE SEQUENCE – Clara, Doctor Copelius, Nathaniel